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Working Class Hero - Poem by Alice Walker (Alice Walker)

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My brothers knew The things you know. I did not scorn learning them; It’s just my mind Was busy being trained For “Other Things”: Poetry, Philosophy, Literature. Survival, for a girl. But now, What a relief To see you understand The ways Of horses Their shyness & hatred Of Loneliness: That you will not Hesitate To rescue An old horse, Dying on His feet & That you will Cheerfully Wash him, Aged & Incontinent Head To Toe. Missing With your bucket & Rag Not One Hidden Cre vice As he Trembles & weeps. What peace To see Raising chickens Does not Mystify you and Hot water heaters & their ways Are well known; That electricity & how it Works Is something Within Your grasp. That you can Get a car To run By poking It in A few mysterious Places Under The hood. That you can Fix a Broken Anything: battery, truck, stove, Door, fridge, lamp, chicken coop hinge While teaching me The ins and outs Of Opera Or While singing Lusty Italian Tenor That S hakes The walls. That you can Sit, comfy, Unperturbed By traffic In the womb-like Back seat Of my Aging Chariot While I drive & you Ride The silver Black & Golden Horses Of Your Trumpet. Alice Walker

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