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A New Heaven - Poem by Wilfred Owen (Wilfred Owen)

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Seeing we never found gay fairyland And missed the tide of Lethe; yet are soon For that new bridge that leaves old Styx half-spanned; Nor ever unto Mecca caravanned; Nor bugled Asgard, skilled in magic rune; Nor yearned for far Nirvana, the sweet swoon, And from high Paradise are cursed and banned; -Let's die home, ferry across the Channel! Thus Shall we live gods there. Death shall be no sev'rance. Weary cathedrals light new shrines for us. To us, rough knees of boys shall ache with rev'rence. Are not girls' breasts a clear, strong Acropole? -There our oun mothers' tears shall heal us whole. Wilfred Owen

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