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Happy New Year movie review and boxoffice record

Chandramohan Manohar Sharma, better known as Charlie (Shah Rukh Khan), is a road fighter who has been longing for revenge from Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff) for eight years. Grover, along with his wealthy and despicable mind, labeled Charlie's father, Manohar Sharma (Anupam Kher) as a thief due to the fact Charan had conned him into stealing his very own Diamonds (he stole his own diamonds and framed Sharma for stealing them) priced at INR a hundred crore ($15 million). Charlie finds out thru the media that diamonds well worth $three hundred crore will reach the Atlantis motel on Christmas Eve. He wants to steal the identical diamonds and body Grover. to accomplish this, he have to collect a dynamic team.

First in his crew is Former military Bomb Squad Captain Jagmohan Prakash, or Jag (Sonu Sood) who has a listening to deficiency which passed off when he did not defuse a bomb; he gets livid when a person insults his mom. 2d on his team is Tehmton Irani, or Tammy, (Boman Irani) who is an overweight jogger and suffers from epileptic suits. it's also found out that Tammy and Manohar have been fine pals. third at the crew is Rohan Singh (Vivaan Shah), a young hacker who Charlie believes can hack into Shalimar's computerized machine. He is likewise Jag's nephew. After thoroughly discovering approximately the vault, the group unearths the principle vault contains a biometric lock (fingerprint lock). The trouble is that most effective one individual can get entry to the vault at any time: Vicky Grover (Abhishek Bachchan), Charan's son. so they enlist the aid of a lookalike, Nandu Bhide (Abhishek Bachchan). Charlie describe his crew as ek complete time bewda (Nandu), ek sanki jadeya (Tammy), ek bhari banduk sipahi (Jag), ek badmaash bachcha (Rohan).

it is found out that Tammy was immensely in love with the Shalimar vault and he's the best one to open the vault with out the aggregate. The real Shalimar vault has a laser protect in the front of the vault whose code combination is changed ordinary. The team finds out a weakness that the Shalimar secure is inside the Altantis motel underground that's connected via an air duct machine that is in addition connected to room 9C, a living room room in Atlantis. Charlie then explains a problem, being that room 9C is booked for a crew participating inside the international Dance Championship (WDC), a dancing competition. The organization refuses, but Charlie re-motivates the institution, convincing them to end up a dance group.

The actual tale is ultimately found out: Manohar turned into an engineer in vaults. He met Charan Grover, who was a dealer in African diamonds, gave him a agreement to build an impenetrable vault. After the vault become completed, Charan drugged Manohar and conned him into stealing the diamonds by using his fingerprint. desperate to win the opposition, they hire many dance teachers, however to no avail. In desperation, Nandu introduces Charlie to Mohini Joshi (Deepika Padukone), who's a Marathi bar dancer. despite the fact that reluctant before everything, Mohini comes to a decision to assist them learn to dance, no longer knowing their real intentions. at some stage in this time, Charlie and Mohini develop very close.

They manage to qualify within the first spherical (by blackmailing the judges with proof of their mystery gay dating) and sooner or later win the competition to symbolize team India within the WDC (via having Rohan hack the machine that tallies the votes). Many human beings (together with and specially Indians) despise them for their loss of dancing ability, however Charlie and his crew (except the oblivious Mohini) are all best concerned with the heist.

In Dubai, the other competition are in particular opposed closer to team India, such as Grover as he considers India a group of losers. at some point of the first round, they may be pitted towards crew Korea, Charlie even fought with the crew Korea's captain at a totally risky region. on the semi final, their performance is halted while Charlie saves a falling baby of the rival, instantly gaining appreciate and admiration from the target audience across the world in addition to the alternative teams (such as the thankful crew Korea). After going over the plan, the entirety is prepared. The group finally discover that the diamonds will arrive on New 12 months's Eve as opposed to Christmas which impedes the heist. even though team Korea comfortable the final role inside the semifinals, the judges, moved by means of Charlie's saving of Korea's dancer and their spirit, determine that team India will compete in the finals as a Wild Card addition. Over the direction of the weeks leading up to the finals, the members of crew India grow to be cherished celebrities inside the eyes of the general public.

Mohini finally ends up hearing the whole tale as to why they wanted revenge, angrily confronting Charlie and his fake motivations of the competition. Charlie exhibits a shocking mystery that Manohar isn't in jail but is without a doubt dead. After Manohar turned into arrested, he appealed for a tribulation, but Grover bribed Manohar's legal professionals and tampered with the evidence. day after today, it was shown that Manohar devoted suicide by slitting his wrists with a razor. Charlie saved this a mystery from the opposite members so as to hold from demoralising them. but, the group confides that this handiest makes their determination to avenge Manohar even stronger. Mohini reluctantly joins the group and facilitates them for the heist.

The night of the final spherical, the heist is ready in motion. Mohini lures Vicky into an elevator, permitting a disguised Nandu and Jag to sedate him quickly at the same time as Nandu takes his vicinity. For the thumb print, Jag paints POP on his thumb, eliminates it and places it on Nandu's thumb matching the print. whilst Tammy cracks the vault aggregate, he suffers an epileptic in shape, however they open in time. everything seems to go very well until Charlie and Tammy discover any other secure inner made from glass which homes the diamonds and Vicky wakes up. Tammy realizes that Manohar constructed this safe and that the password need to be recognized by using Charlie. After a session of deep wondering, Charlie enters inside the password (the password being "CHARLIE") as soon as effectively stealing the diamonds (and overlaying all in their tracks), the team forums a nearby boat, but Mohini refuses to return as she feels dedicated to defensive India's honor with the competition. Rohan in the end resolves to sign up for her as well, leading to a combat amongst the final members over what they should do next.

Grover is horrified to find the diamonds stolen (with "Vicky's" establishing of the door to the secure's room incriminating each him and Grover), however he soon pinpoints team India as the thieves. when crew India is discovered missing, Grover claims that they have to have left with the diamonds. As he watches Mohini carry out, Jag, Tammy, Nandu and Rohan be a part of in. at some point of their performance, Charlie makes his unannounced appearance and finally helps the group win the competition.

With any and all suspicions removed from the members of team India, Charan and Vicky Grover are arrested, Charlie revealing himself as Manohar's son simply as they are both dragged out of the lodge via police. crew India reach the airport and manipulate to pass protection. Charlie had camouflaged the diamonds as ice cubes in his cool drink, however the safety defend disposes it. Later, at some stage in the flight Charlie reveals that he switched the fake diamonds at the trophy with the actual diamonds within the drink. The movie ends, with an epilogue, in which Mohini opens a dance college ultimately ("Mohini school of Dance") and Charlie proposes to her with a ring product of one of the diamonds.


Shah Rukh Khan
Deepika Padukone
i Abhishek Bachchan
Sonu Sood
Boman Irani
Vivaan Shah
Jackie Shroff
Varun Pruthi
Kavi Shastri

Budget ::: ₹150 crore

Box office :₹345 crore

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