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Hurry pyaz aur aalo ki tarkari cooking recipes (Potato and Onion Mix Food cooking recipes)

Hurry pyaz aur aalo ki tarkari (Potato and Onion Mix Food)


Green Onion : Half KG

Potato : Three potatoes (Medium Size)

Salt : Only For Taste

Garlic : Three or four

Hurry Mirch : 5 or 6

Sufaid Zeera (White Cumin) : Half tea spoon

Haldi (Turmeric) : Half tea spoon

Recipe : boil potatoes for ten minutes. Then remove Potato shell carefully. clean the onions and garlic. take some oil in a pot and put it on slow fire for 2 to three minutes. Fry hurry mirch, garlic, and onion for three to four minutes in that oil. Now Fry zeera , haldi and potatoes for 5 to 7 minutes.

Presentation : Serve with Garam Garam chapati at afternoon Time.