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Aaloo Chaps (Potato Chaps)

Aaloo Chapas (Potato Chapas)

Potatoes (Boiled) : 1 KG

Keema of cow Meet : 1/2 KG

Red Mirch (Powder) : 1 tea spoon

Dhania (Powder) : 1 tea spoon

Garlic : 5 items

Tomato : 1 item

Onion : 1 item

Lemon Juice : 1 table spoon

Hurry Dhania : Three table spoon

Maida (Wheat) : for throwing in small amount

Salt : for taste only

Oil : For frying

Recipe :

Take some oil in the pot and put it on fire and when onion color change to gold then put some other items in the pot. these are Keema, dhania, Red Mirch, Garlic, Tomato , and Salt and fry tell water of keema dry. then mix hurry mirch and lemon juice. then make slices of potatoes and fill these slices from keema, repeat this step again and again and make potatoes slices. fry these slices in frying fan tell slices change its color to golden and serve with salad.